Aiken Education

The residents of Aiken County have always taken great pride in their education system. Graniteville was the first town in the United States to require children to attend school. Mr. William Gregg, owner of the Gregg Mill, would fine his workers if their children did not attend school.

The Aiken County School District puts a great emphasis and effort on engaging every student in the maximum educational experience by providing the most current technology, an easily accessible transportation system, safe learning environments, and highly qualified educators. Also, the school district leads the state in efforts to improve school performance. Our school district was one of the first districts in the state to implement a school accountability and school renewal system in 1996. As of 2013, Aiken County has a graduation rate 3% higher than the state average.

With 41 public schools, 16 private schools, and numerous vocational center and charter school opportunities, there are many opportunities in Aiken County for students of all ages. Additionally, Aiken County encourages students to continue their education after high school. The University of South Carolina Aiken and Aiken Technical College are institutions of higher learning located in the county and both offer a wide variety of majors and programs for students seeking an associate's, bachelors, or even master's degree.